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We are sorry to inform our customers that Ridgeline Paint Co. is not accepting any new projects at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and wish you all the best with your painting projects. 

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Interior Painting

Interior spaces are where we spend much of our time living and working, It is therefore important that whoever comes into these spaces be trustworthy and respectful. At Ridgeline Paint Co., we understand this, and strive to always conduct our work in a professional and respectful manner. More than this, we also understand the value that these spaces hold in our customers lives, and work hard to provide the best finished result that each project allows for. We desire to stand out in the Estes Park community as a contractor that can be trusted to provide quality and professional work.

Exterior Painting

The exteriors of our homes protect us from all the elements of nature, and this is especially true in the rugged Colorado landscape where heat, cold, snow, ice, hail, high winds and intense UV rays are a regular occurrence. These elements attribute to an accelerated surface deterioration, and can lead to costly repairs if not properly maintained. Additionally, inferior coatings, and poor preparation work will not last long against these forces. It is important that the right coatings be applied in the proper manner to insure they protect your homes exterior and hold up in these extreme conditions. At Ridgeline Paint Co., we understand this, and take pride in restoring homes to a beautiful protected state.


Wood finishing is truly a craft that requires knowledge, skill, and patience. While there are an abundance of paint contractors who may do finish work, there are few who are truly knowledgable of this craft. At Ridgeline Paint Co. we take this very seriously, and have among our staff employees who have trained and worked in the industrial wood coatings field, both on the product manufacturing side, and in various industrial finish shops and finish factories. 

Exterior Stain 

For natural wood to retain its beauty against the elements requires proper preparation, products and maintenance. To create and maintain a natural and preserved product, these surfaces must be prepared thoroughly to accept finishes, the right products must be applied in the right manner, and they must be maintained on a regular basis. 

Yet even if this has been neglected, it doesn't always mean that it is the end. At Ridgeline Paint Co., we work diligently, using industry approved methods to chemically revive exterior wood surfaces, and restore them to their previous protected state whenever possible.  

Commercial Painting

Ridgeline Paint Co. is a fully licensed and insured paint contracting service, capable and experienced in various types of painting and finishing. Within our talented staff we have a range of experience from residential new construction, residential re-paints, commercial retail painting, industrial finishing, municipal painting, wood finishing, and so on.  We also have resources through partnerships with other contractors that allow us to assemble large crews for more extensive projects in the commercial realm.   

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